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last updated: January 10, 2011


I’m Larry A. Russell, the CEO of Eroica, and I would like to tell you about our international distribution services.

Eroica CDs are sold physically and downloaded digitally, and each individual track of every artist is also downloaded digitally by the following Digital Music Service (DMS) companies.

ITUNES: iTunes USA, iTunes Australia, iTunes Canada, iTunes Europe, iTunes France iTunes Japan, iTunes Mexico, and iTunes Switzerland. iTunes is developing DMS in other countries all over the world, even as we speak.

AMAZON: Amazon MP3-Austria, Amazon MP3-China, Amazon MP3-Denmark, Amazon MP3-France and Amazon MP3-United Kingdom.

OTHER DMS: More than 50 other international DMS (Digital Music Service) companies, including Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, The Orchard, Verizon, and others.

WEB SITES: major on line web sites internationally.

RECORD STORES: Brick and mortar record stores internationally. Any record store anywhere in the world can order overnight delivery of any CD in the Eroica catalog by telephoning or emailing our overnight “one stop” suppliers: a) Alliance, one of the largest one stops in the world, with regional warehouses the size of football fields, fully stocked with CDs of every record company; and b) Super D, one of the fastest growing one stops in the world.

Our artists tell us they are very happy with Eroica, and many of them have been with us and grown with us over the years. In fact, some of our artists have been with us since 1994, when Eroica had only one CD in its catalog. That CD, recorded by concert pianist June de Toth, was Volume 1 of what has since become a 7-CD set of the Solo Piano Works of Bela Bartok!

Ten other artists joined Eroica that year. Our catalog now lists over 400 titles by more than 200 artists, and we are still growing strong, which is why I am sending you this personal invitation.

To join the Eroica family, please send your market ready CD (or demo) to Larry A. Russell, CEO, Eroica Classical Recordings, 500 Sable, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. When your market ready CD has been approved by our Label Committee, we will co-sign a copy of our non-exclusive License Agreement, which allows you to sign non-exclusive agreements with any other label or distributor of your choice. Eroica retains all rights to television, films, and digital downloads, with the exception of digital download rights.

I sincerely believe that every classical musician can do their best signing with Eroica.

Pro Musica!

Larry A. Russell, CEO
Eroica Classical Recordings
The finest in classical music, performed by world class artists on fully guaranteed CDs of the highest quality that are not available elsewhere

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