Adam Khan

A Day in November
JDT 3256

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Santa Barbara LISZT Album
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Including MAXIMO DIEGO PUJOL Cinco Preludios; ROLAND DYENS Trios Saudades; LEO BROUWER A Day in November; Etudes Simples (Bks 1 & 2); Dos Aires Populares Cubanos

The debut CD from one of the most promising guitarists in the UK today. "He plays excellently, bringing the music to life and showing the brilliance of the compositions" - Classical Guitar.

Adam's first disc focuses on the music of South America, with particular emphasis on the great Cuban composer/guitarist/conductor Leo Brouwer. Perhaps the most moving of the 24 tracks on this disc is the title track, A Day in November, a spectacular demonstration of the lyrical and romantic qualities of Brouwer. This is an outstanding and important debut from an exceptionally talented young man.


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