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JDT 250
Woodwind Treasures
Westwood Wind Quintet
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Woodwind Treasures
August Klughardt, Quintet, op. 79; Luciano Berio, Opus Number Zoo; George Heussenstamm, Seven Etudes for Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon; Boris Pillin, Scherzo; Robert Linn, Woodwind Quintet; Herman Stein, Sour Suite.

The Quintet by August Klughardt (1847-1902) is as close to Brahms as woodwind ensembles have. This is a lush, Romantic piece and this is the only recording of it. The other pieces were all first recordings and most are still the only recordings available.

The Westwood Wind Quintet (of Los Angeles) was founded in 1959 and performed actively for close to 40 years, during which time it gave over 3000 concerts and recorded more than 15 albums. This CD is made from recordings in 1971 and 1981.

Sound Samples:
1. Quintet, Op. 79: Allegro Non Troppo real audio windows media
2. Quintet, Op. 79: Allegro Vivace real audio windows media
3. Quintet, Op. 79: Adante Grazioso real audio windows media
4. Quintet, Op. 79: Adagio/Allegro Molto Vivace real audio windows media

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