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JDT 349
Two Contras
Daniel Dorff, Arthur Weisberg
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Two Contras
Mozart, Sonata for Bassoon & Cello, performed on two contrabassoons; Vanhal, Concerto in F Major for two contrabassoons; Arthur Weisberg, From the Deep (for two contrabassoons); Daniel Dorff, Sonatina díAmore (for two contrabassoons); Etienne Ozi, Sonata No. 1 for two bassoons (performed on two contrabassoons); Michael Curtis, The Impish Imp for two contrabassoons.

This is the worldís first two-contrabassoon CD. Susan Nigroís last two CDs on Crystal were the first contrabassoon solo CDs and have been hugely successful. Burl Lane is the contrabassoonist with the Chicago Symphony. William Eddins is Resident Conductor of the Chicago Symphony. This is an extraordinary CD which customers will be interested in for musical values as well as to test the low end fidelity of their speaker systems.

Sound Samples:
1. Son D'Amore: Allegro Cantabile real audio windows media
2. Son D'Amore: Allegro, Merrily Rollicking real audio windows media
3. Son D'Amore: Molto Allegro, Leggiero Con Spirito real audio windows media
4. Son No.1: Allegro real audio windows media

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