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JDT 387
Balancing Act
Bill Booth
CD cover
Balancing Act
Beethoven: Seven Variations on a Theme from Mozartís Magic Flute; Creston: Fantasy; Scharnberg: Betwixt and Between; Plog: Three Miniatures; Ravel: Piece in the form of a Habanera; Convertino: Four Preludes; Schumann: Three Fantasy Pieces. Booth is assisted by Bryan Pezzone, piano, and an all-star cast of top Hollywood movie musicians.
Sound Samples:
1. Seven Vars On A Theme From Mozart's Magic Flute: Thema, Andante/Var I./Var II./Var III./Var IV./Var real audio windows media
2. Fant real audio windows media
3. Betwixt & Between - Bill Booth/Clayton Haslop/Liane Mautner/Janet Lakatos/David Speltz/Greg Goodall real audio windows media
4. Three Miniatures: Moderato real audio windows media

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