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JDT 520
Mostly Railroad Music
Eldon Rathburn
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Mostly Railroad Music
Eldon Rathburn. Delightful CD by one of Canadaís foremost film composers. Three Calliope Pieces (steam calliope), Junction (jaw harps), Rise and Fall of the Steam Railroad (includes calliope, jewís harp, synthesizer, banjos, mandolin, percussion, piano), Ghost Train, Railroad Preludes (piano), Iron Horses of Delson, Schönberg vs. Gershwin, Dorian Crossing, Dvorak at 155th Street, Hindemith Rides the Merchants Limited (flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons), The Nomadic Five, and Turbo (featuring the Atlantic Brass Quintet).
Sound Samples:
1. Three Calliope Pieces: The Saint Lawrence Tubular Bridge Mazurka Polka real audio windows media
2. Three Calliope Pieces: Stravinsky On The Delta Queen real audio windows media
3. Three Calliope Pieces: Honky -Tonks (City of Gold) real audio windows media
4. Junction real audio windows media

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