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JDT 561
Brass Ring
Brass Ring
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Brass Ring
Luciano Berio: Call; Michael Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore; Giovanni Gabrieli: Sacro Tempio díHonor and Síal Discoprir; J.S. Bach: Bring to the Lord the Honor Due His Name; Victor Ewald: Quintet No. 1 in Bb Minor, op. 5; Bryan Kelly: Suite Parisienne. "first-rate; recording is up to Crystalís usual high standards." Fanfare
Sound Samples:
1. Call real audio windows media
2. Dances From Terpsichore: Ballet Des Coqs real audio windows media
3. Dances From Terpsichore: Ballet Des Baccanales real audio windows media
4. Dances From Terpsichore: Courante real audio windows media

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