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JDT 665
Thomas Stevens, Trumpet
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, George Antheil
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Thomas Stevens, Trumpet
Peter Maxwell Davies & George Antheil: Sonatas for Trumpet & Piano; Hans Werner Henze: Sonatina; Thomas Stevens: Triangles, Variations on a Clifford Interval, & A New Carnival of Venice for four trumpets; Henri Tomasi: Triptyque; Ibert: Impromptu; Bernstein: Rondo for Lifey; Charles Dodge: Extensions; Meyer Kupferman: Three Ideas. Piano: Zita Carno, David Wheatley, Chet Swiatkowski; Charlie Shoemake, vibraphone; Barry Lieberman, bass; w/ the Los Angeles Philharmonic Trumpet section. "Tom Stevens is at one and the same a virtuoso and a highly thoughtful musician. I can think of only a handful of players who are his equal, and certainly none better." Andre Previn.
Sound Samples:
1. Son: Allegro Moderato real audio windows media
2. Son: Lento real audio windows media
3. Son: Allegro Vivo real audio windows media
4. Son: Allegretto real audio windows media

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