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JDT 675
Huntsman What Quarry?
Huntsman What Quarry?
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Huntsman What Quarry?
Songs for Soprano, Horn, & Piano. Schubert, Auf dem Strom; Berlioz: Le jeune Patre breton; Richard Strauss: Alphorn; W.F. Bach, Aria; Nicolai, Variazioni Concertante; songs by Vincenz, Ignaz, & Franz Lachner; Simon Sargon, Huntsman What Quarry & The Buck in the Snow. Gregory Hustis, horn; Nancy Keith, soprano; Simon Sargon, piano. "utterly gorgeous; performers are outstanding", American Rcd Guide
Sound Samples:
1. Auf Dem Strom real audio windows media
2. Le Jeune Patre Breton real audio windows media
3. Waldhornruf real audio windows media
4. Der Ungenannten real audio windows media

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