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JDT 678
Fr°ydis Ree Wekre, Horn
Trygve Madsen, Sigurd Berge
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Fr°ydis Ree Wekre, Horn
Fr°ydis Wekre, Horn. Trygve Madsen, Sonata op. 24 (horn & piano) & The Dream of the Rhinoceros; Sigurd Berge, Hornlokk; Andrea Clearfield, Songs of the Wolf; Stanley Friedman, Topanga Variations; Wolfgang Plagge, Sonata #3 op. 88. with pianists Jens Harald Bratlie, Andrea Clearfield, Wolfgang Plagge. One of the best-known horn recitalists in the world., formerly solo horn with Norway Symphony.
Sound Samples:
1. Sonata, Op. 24: Allegro real audio windows media
2. Sonata, Op. 24: Quasi Menuetto real audio windows media
3. Sonata, Op. 24: Moderato, E Poco Rubato real audio windows media
4. Hornlokk real audio windows media

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