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JDT 705
The Italian Voyage
Johann Sebastian Bach, Giuseppe Torelli
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The Italian Voyage
J.S. Bach, ėWacht Aufî (Cantata 20), and ėWacht Aufî (Cantata 110); Torelli, Sonata in D (trumpet, strings, continuo); Vivaldi, Concerto ėLa Notteî (bassoon, strings, continuo); Marcello, Salmo Decimoquinto (baritone voice, bassoon, cello, continuo) and Sonata 5 (cello, bassoon, continuo); Stradello, Sinfonia. Larry Vote, baritone; Jeff Silberschlag, trumpet; Deborah Greitzer, bassoon; Pamela Greitzer, cello; Jeanne Fryberger-Vote, harpsichord; plus strings.
Sound Samples:
1. Cantata No. 20: 'Washt Auf' real audio windows media
2. Sonata In D (G.1) real audio windows media
3. Concerto 'La Notte' real audio windows media
4. Salmo Decimoquinto real audio windows media

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