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JDT 942
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Paul Chihara, David Diamond
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Paul Chihara, Trio; David Diamond, Duo for Violin & Clarinet; Marc Satterwhite, Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones; Jonathan Kramer, Serbelloni Serenade; John Biggs, Medieval Dance Suite; Donald Erb, Sunlit Peaks and Dark Valleys.

This is volume 12 of the Making of a Medium series, in which the Verdehr Trio is recording many of the more than 130 compositions that the group has commissioned from some of the best composers in the world.

Sound Samples:
1. Trio: Andante Cantabile real audio windows media
2. Trio: Moderato Canabile real audio windows media
3. Trio: Moderato Cantabile real audio windows media
4. Duo For Violin And Clarinet: Duo real audio windows media

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