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Lulling the Soul
JDT 3067

Lulling the Soul, Dominique PianaAbout This CD

Throughout the world, is there anything more universal than the mother lulling her child to sleep? When this pair, bound in mutual love, becomes Mary and the child Jesus, the scene takes on a whole new symbolic dimension and added emotional impact. All living creatures become involved in the magical expression of Love, warmly embraced by the powerful breath of the starry night celebrated at Christmas.

From the most intimate lullaby to dances of joy around the manger, carols draw us to the shining Presence. Beyond our cultural boundaries, there is a secret identification with the Child, as He comes to represent each one of us in infancy, a tiny seed of the Spirit called forth to the great adventure of the Heart.

In this album, dearly familiar melodies have been carefully combined with engaging novel tunes to celebrate the Nativity at the level of the Soul.

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The Harp of King David
JDT 3065

The Harp of King David, Dominique PianaAbout This CD

Envisioned as a poetic re-creation of a vibrant culture suspended in time by historical events, this recording aligns itself behind the legendary figure of King David, emblem of yearning love, and by extension, of the Jewish soul in its universal meaning, carrying the promise of the Messianic Age.

The musical repertoire, starting with a specific cultural background -- Jewish, and more specifically Sephardic -- aims to move and to explore a common ground for the human experience, by transcending artificial separations and trivial differences.

This last decade of the 20th Century is particularly rich in recollections and commemorations, each reminding us of the past in order to better seize present opportunities to realize the promise of the future.

Five hundred years ago, 1492 wasn't just the year Christopher Columbus "discovered" America; it was also the year when all the Spanish Jews were expelled from Spain, then, ultimately, from Portugal in 1497. The Sephardim (from the Hebrew word for Spain, Sepharad), fled to various Mediterranean and occidental destinations, preserving a certain state of mind, a language, Ladino (a form of old Castilian), and a unique musical heritage, perpetuating their culture, in the home, through oral tradition.

Fifty years ago, 1945 signified the end of the Holocaust, the most virulent human tragedy ever perpetrated; 1948 marked the proclamation of the State of Israel, in flfillment of the prophetic announcement of the Bible.

In 1996, the 3,000-th anniversary of the establishment of Jerusalem by King David was celebrated in Israel and worldwide. Through all the accumulation of suffering, displacement, and contended return, Hope has been kept alive until the day the human heart will choose to bloom into the true Temple.

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