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Amazing Grace: An American Tapestry
Donna Wissinger, flute
Jon Klibonoff, piano

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Piece Samples Amazing Grace
1. Simple Gifts RAM | WMA
2. Flowing
3. Poetic, Somewhat Mournful
4. Lively, With Bounce
5. Pleasant Song No.1
6. Pleasant Song No.2
7. Canzone
Three Dances
8. Andante
9. Adagio, Quasi Improvisatory, Tempo Rubato
10. Allegretto
Suite Modale
11. Moderato
12. L'istesso Tempo
Allegro Giocoso
14. Adagio
15. Whales Weep Not!
16. Somewhere (West Side Story)
17. Polka And Can-Can
18. Orange And Blue Rag RAM | WMA
19. Old Folks At Home
20. Oh, Boys, Carry Me 'Long
21. Bayou Home
22. Amazing Grace RAM | WMA
23. A Simple Gift

Amazing Grace: An American Tapestry is a tribute to the multi-faceted American identity and the grace that freedom affords a people and their art. Sister Ann Lee, founder of the American Shakers is reputed to have said, "Every force evolves a form." The force of the varied and awe-inspiring landscape of the United States, and the passions, beliefs, concerns, and free will of the people have formed American music.

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