Glenn Strauss - Encanto de la Cancion

Encanto de la Cancion
JDT 3050

About This CD

Encanto de la Cancion"Encanto de la Cancion" came about because I could hear something in the music that embraced me even from my first crude efforts to play it. Like an enchantment, it kept me going - experimenting, revising, and experimenting again until the sounds began to approximate the music I could Imagine. It was this process that made this project, even with it's imperfect results, a pleasure to do. I hope that as you listen you will be able to hear a little of that process and that the music will in some way embrace you as it has me."
- Glenn H. Strauss

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About The Music

The music is primarily Latin American in origin, written from the early to mid 1900's. with roots in ethnic songs and dances. While all the pieces have a Latin flavor, the Brazilian background of Villa-Lobos and Guimaraes, the Venezuelan background of Pujol gives their music cultural distinctiveness. The listener can perhaps experience a little of the mountains of Argentina or feel the passion of Brazil or the pride of Venezuela. The two Spanish pieces from the 1800's by Tarrega and Sor represent the roots of the modem classical guitar's heritage as it evolved from a simple folk instrument to a tool for communicating the passion of those who perform with it. "Misty" was included even though it is purely American because its strong, romantic melody so closely resembles its Latin counterparts, and because it reminds the artist of how much his wife means to him.


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