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Alla Nikitskaya
This album is dedicated to the memory of Pavel Messner, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory professor, Alla Nikitskaya's teacher.

The debut American recording of Alla Nikitskaya, Russian pianist who, relocated to New Hampshire, is inspired by the beauty of New England nature, so instantly similar to her home, but a universe away at the same time. This is why genius works of Rakhmaninov and Tchaikovsky, full of the nostalgic beauty, as well as romantic pieces of Chopin and Liszt, are on this album.

Alla Nikitskaya belongs to the great tradition of important Russian piano school, started by Heinrich Neuhaus, the teacher of many great pianists, such as: Vladimir Horowitzh, Svialoslav Richter, Emil Gilels, Radii Lupu and many others.

Mrs. Nikitskaya started playing piano at age of 5 and has been studying at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory music school and college under the guidance of Honored Piano Teacher of Russia Natalya Suslova, and then became a graduate of Moscow Gnessin institute in the class of Professor Yuriy Ponizovkin. Also, she has been taking lessons by Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory professor Pavel Messner.

She developed her career in Russia as a solo and duet pianist. After completing the Master Class program she toured Russia, performing recitals in many of the wonderful concert halls in Moscow and other Russian cities. She performed at the Moscow Colonny Hall, Gnessin's Great Concert Hall, art galleries and other smaller venues. As a soloist of an orchestra she played harpsichord at the Handel festival held in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. As a duet performer with her sister, Maria Nikitskaya, she took part in the Scriabin Festival held at the Scriabin Museum and Moscow Colonny Concert Hail. She has performed in ensembles with clarinet, saxophone, flute, violin and cello. Her piano performances were broadcasted by Russian national TV and radio.

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