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JDT 141
Elliot Carter PIANO SONATA, CELLO SONATA additional works of Del Tredici, Helps, Persichetti
Bernard Greenhouse, cello, Anthony Makas, piano, Beveridge Webster, piano, George Bennette, piano, Samuel Baron, flute, Ruth Maayani, harp
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David Del Tredici: [b. 1937, Cloverdale, California] Is renowned for his series of works based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice" books Other literary sources include James Joyce and contemporary authors From the predominately atonal Pop-Pourri (1968) and An Alice Symphony (1969), his language evolved to the lush neo-romanticism of Child Alice (1977-81), and current works Music blends surrealism and nostalgia in an instantly recognizable mixture Is noted for his superlative writing for large orchestral forces Was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1980 for In Memory of a Summer Day

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