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JDT 147
Albeniz "IBERIA", Montsalvatge "CINCO CANCIONES NEGRAS" and works of de Falla, Ravel and Tomas Marco
Carole Farley, soprano
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Isaac Albeniz
One of the most prolific and original Spanish composers. He studied with Felipe Pedrell (1841-1922), as did most of the great Spanish composers of that period, including Falla, Granados and Turina. Most of them continued their studies in Paris, and became influenced by their French contemporaries, Dukas, Debussy, Ravel. Albeniz began as a virtuoso pianist, touring constantly. He was four years old when he gave his first piano recital. At nine he applied to the Paris Conservatoire, but was refused admission because of his youth. Upon hearing the news he ran away from home to start a life of constant adventures and travel on his own. After touring all of Spain, he used his concerts' income to travel to America, giving recitals in the West Coast, and in Cuba. Having done all this touring and concertizing by himself, and saved sufficient funds, he returned to Europe at the age of thirteen. With those savings he went to study in England and Germany before returning to Spain. There, a new Royal grant made it possible for Albeniz to again continue his travels, and once again he toured America, even more extensively than before. Still a teen-ager, he then went on to Paris, his dream destination, to study composition with Debussy, Dukas and D'Indy. Besides his prolific piano music, Albeniz wrote operas, sometimes with English librettos

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