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Chad BelzairŽ Chad Belzairž founded Padame Om in 1998. Chad is a self-taught musician (keyboards), composer and singer (a natural lyric alto baritone/tenor), and grew up around a family of artists, musicians and writers. His mother was a model and concert pianist, playing the likes of Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninov; his father an ad agency executive, photographer and writer. Chad's musical influences were many and broad (classical, jazz, opera, pop, movie scores, musical theater, new age.) However, he always gravitated toward and was inspired by composers and performers who's music was soaring, wrenching, passionate, tender and from the source.

As the lead of Padame Om, Chad brings together a unique ensemble of the best and most talented people for his recording project. For his first CD release, entitled Confessions, Chad sang, recorded and co-produced ten years worth of his compositions in collaboration with some of the most extraordinary talent from Colorado: Mollie Weaver (female vocals), Bill Francoeur (arranger, orchestrater and co-producer) and Mark Derryberry (co-producer, recording and mixing engineer).

The result; Confessions, is an extraordinary CD of beautifully orchestrated, contemporary classical, instrumental music (with the feel of Norway's Secret Garden, Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera and film score music of John Barry's Out of Africa, Henri Morricone's Mission, and Danny Elfman's Edward Scissorhands) combined with angelically sung arias (featuring the four octave range of Mollie Weaver), invoking feelings of longing, passion, tenderness and love similar to the best Puccini operas. The CD, Confessions, is haunting, spiritually moving and is best described as soaring, passionate, ethereal Broadway. Chad's singing, on Confessions, can be found mostly on four duets with Mollie Weaver. The two compliment each other remarkably and completely capture the essence of each song; elevating you to another level while captivating and holding you in an irresistible mesmerizing spellbound trance. Chad and Mollie together are sensuous, scintillating, utter perfection!

Mollie Weaver Mollie Weaver, a beautiful blonde 24 year old, with a most pure and angelic voice, is reminiscent of Sarah Brightman or a young Barbra Streisand; a light, airy delivery and sumptuous style that flows like liquid silk, a four octave lyric soprano range second to none, and the ability to sing a wide variety of musical styles with great ease including: folk, pop and country ballads, jazz and old standards, spiritual and new age music, musical theater and classical opera.

Mollie was hand picked by and studied with the famous NYC Met tenor, Michael Cousins, and completed her classical training, with honors, and degree in voice performance at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

On Confessions, Mollie's voice is an angelic, lyrically pure flowing extension of her inner beauty and deep connection to the source. Her voice radiates love while capturing the essence of each song and elevates you to another level, captivating and holding you in an irresistible mesmerizing spellbound trance to utter perfection. Her unparalleled range, impeccable phrasing and timing, and easy flowing expressive delivery, on each song, especially on Alone Again, Confessions, Living Dream, and Saleena, is simply, amazing, unmatched!

Chad Belzaire & Mollie Weaver Mollie has also released two CD's entitled, Love Mollie and Mollie, which were recorded in Nashville using John Denver's band and long time producer Kris O'Connor, showcasing her incredible versatility as a vocalist. Recently, she finished starring, as the lead singer, dancer, and performer, in a nine month gritty hip-hop musical to sold out audiences in Kansas City, a regional smash hit.

Bill Francoeur, for more than twenty-five years, has been a phenomenal musician, composer, lyricist, arranger, orchestrator and producer. His passion is composing, performing, producing and publishing musicals and he has over 50 to his name. He is currently working on one or more musicals that soon may be launched at a major regional theater and/or on Broadway. Bill has performed in numerous bands on tour over the years as a drummer, percussionist and pianist. He now concentrates fully on composing and publishing his musicals and occasionally lends his talent to selected artists.

Mark Derryberry, is known in Colorado as being one of the best recording and mixing engineers. His credits include countless albums, corporate and commercial video work, and TV and movie productions including NBC's mini-series, Asteroid. His expertise in mixing complex and beautifully orchestrated work is apparent in Confessions and Bill Francoeur's musicals.

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