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Nicolas Prost
Born in 1971 in Saint-Vallier in Burgundy, Nicolas Prost obtains into 1994 the 1st Prices unanimously of saxophone and chamber music as well as the Diploma of Formation Higher mention TB and follows the cycle of improvement of chamber music to the Higher National Academy of Music of Paris. Prize winner of the Foundation Yamaha the same year, he becomes the appointed saxophonist of the Orchestra in the Lamoureux Concerts under the direction of Yutaka Sado. In parallel, other orchestras as prestigious as Capitole of Toulouse, the Intercontemporain Unit or the Orchestra of Switzerland-French requested it for its solos.

He interprets concertos with the Philarmonique Orchestra of Mexico City, European Camerata of London, Ausburg Camerata, Musiciens of Pree, Tempo Firstly, Concerts Lamoureux, EC. of Montreal, Orchestre Regional of the Limousin, etc

In solo or chambrist, it occurs in France in the Large palace, Cortot room, Gaveau room, Théâtre of the Champs Elysées, Cirque of winter, UNESCO, Petit Montparnasse newspaper, Flâneries of Rheims, Arsenal of Metz, Auditorium German St, Radio France but also in Mexico City, Munich, Montreal, Seoul, Castellon, Jerez, Kyoto, Brno, Liege, Bucharest, the USA etc…

He is dedicatee and creator of works solos or concerting of Pascal Zavaro, Michel Godart, Andy Emler, Thierry Pécou, Thierry Escaich, Jean Matitia, Paul-Christian Staicu, Philippe Harrowing, Gilles Cagnard, Eric Durand, Nicolas Bacri, Olivier Kaspar, Gerald Shapiro, etc With the musical production “juggler of sound” produced by musical Youths of France, it traverses France for more than 200 representations between 1999 and 2001.

Very attracted by the chamber music, Nicolas Prost was founding member of the Emphasis Quartet of 1987 to 2000, gains with this unit the international contests of Bydgoscz (Poland 1st Grand Prix), Privas (1st Price), Pierre Lantier (1st Grand Prix), Rome (Italy - 1st Grand Prix), overall Musiques Fnapec (1st Price), prize winner with Illzach and Paris and is allowed in cycle of improvement to the CNSM of Paris. With more than 200 concerts to its credit, the Emphasis Quartet occurs as well in France as abroad Japan, North Africa, Europe etc and is dedicatee of new works of Gustavo Beytelmann, Liviu Danceanu, Jacques Petit, etc Nicolas Prost becomes member of the Zellig unit for the interpretation of modern works of chamber music with saxophone.

Nicolas Prost is an enthusiastic defender of the “traditional” repertory of the instrument with the Saxiana Trio formed in 2000 with Anne Lecapelain, saxophone and Laurent Wagschal, piano. With this formation, it develops a new repertory specifically made up of contemporary creations of Thierry Pécou, Thierry Escaich, Eric Tanguy, Christian Lauba, Denis Levaillant or Nicolas Bacri and arrangements of works characteristic of the 20th century.

After having obtained the Training certificate in 1992, Nicolas Prost teaches with the Academy with Regional Radiation of Saint-Maur of the Ditches (94) and organizes teaching national demonstrations around the saxophone (Festivals, Concerts of Official reception, Concours international, Conférences, Training courses and of instrumental improvement). He gives public courses in France like abroad (Mexico City, Seoul, Bloomington, Cnsm of Paris, academies of Lyon, Strasbourg, Nagoya, Taipei, Köln, Amsterdam, etc).

Nicolas Prost is author of many works in teaching matter with the editions Lemoine, Billaudot, Delatour, Fuzeau, Art-wind and sign the book “saxophone with the Frenchwoman”. He records several CD of chamber music with saxophone, greeted by the musical critic (CD Baby, Diapason, saxophone newspaper, blue piano).


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