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Santa Barbara LISZT Album
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“Meditations – A Journey of Solo Flute” has been called one of the best new age flute recordings of the decade. Encompassing a wide variety of flute sounds and timbres, “Meditations” features musician and renowned artist, Tobias Katz, in a hauntingly beautiful collection of all-improvised, original compositions. Using several of his bamboo, transverse, Native American flutes, as well as pan pipes, Tobias weaves an alluring tapestry of shamanic stories performed from the point of view of a sensitive world traveler.

Portions of “Meditations” are being used as part of the audio to an upcoming PBS documentary, entitled “Vanishing Voices,” which is the story of a Native American painter. The documentary is currently in-production and scheduled for release later in 2005. Katz also recorded a jazz/poetry CD earlier this year, entitled “The Last Continent,” which features Tobias playing bamboo flute, crystal bowls, and reading his own poetry. This eclectic recording also features jazz flutist/pianist, Lisa Polisar, as well as several other New Mexico musicians. Tobias is a multi-disciplined artist. He is a published writer and an award-winning photographer whose work was exhibited widely in San Francisco in the 1980’s. He is also a renowned abstract painter, whose paintings are on display on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Scottsdale, Arizona. Tobias earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Library Science from UCLA. He has been painting and playing music for over four decades.


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