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Temirzhan Yerzhanov proved to be an outstanding performer for his ability to unite contrasting musical feelings into the unity of passion and moving sencerety...With various touch he could get an unprecedented and rich in tinges palette of colors.
Zwickauer Zeitung, Zwickau

His artistic maturity was revealed in Romanze (Faschingsschwank aus Wien). It is rare to hear such dramatically passionate interpretation of this movement... It was a great event to listen to Yerzhanov's performance.
Zwickauer Zeitung, Zwickau

Temirzhan Yerzhanov is leaving to make his career in the United States. Other pianists (Dmitry Alexeev, Andrey Gavrilov and Mikhail Pletnev) have preferred international performing careers.
The Economist, London

In the final evening of the festival the audience were in a sensation: Temirzhan Yerzhanov performed Schumann's F minor sonata spectacularly; with great emotion and virtuosity.
Nevskoe Vremya, S-Petersburg

An exciting new piano talent, Temirzhan Yerzhanov made an explosive impression at his recital at Le Petite Trianon...Yerzhanov brings an old-world sense of tempo rubato to his keyboard palette...presenting a hard sonic patina in the manner of Pollini and Browning, mediated by a velvet upper register and no end of pedal nuances... More than one auditor could apply the maxim given by Schnabel, "You are not a pianist, you are a musician!" with no less authority to Mr. Yerzhanov.

Yerzhanov is the best pianist to be heard in San Luis Obispo County since Jeffrey Kahane, and is, if not better, certainly equal.
Journal, San Luis Obispo

Guest piano soloist Temirzhan Yerzhanov tore through Mozart's diabolical, digitally demanding last concerto like so much child's play...His sterling rendition of the concerto enjoyed harmonious balance with orchestra.
Sacramento Bee, Sacramento

Pianist Temirzhan Yerzhanov made an impressive desert debut at the Annenberg Theater. Yerzhanov's forte was a series of Chopin works, including a radiant Fantasy in F minor, two nicely nuanced nocturnes redolent with trills, an impassioned Scherzo in B-flat major and the famous Grand Polonaise, played with uncommon flair.
The Desert Sun, Palm Springs

He has made each piece in his repertoire distinctively his own...It was like a jeweler polishing his stones and placing each one neatly into a grand design. What matters most and will sustain him...is super-abundant talent. Award-winning pianist is relatively unknown in America, but possibly not for much longer.
New Times, San Luis Obispo

Temirzhan Yerzhanov's performance of Schumann's Concerto successfully combined depth of feeling and energetical rhythmical strength. His performance was remarkable for its plasticity and precisely logicalform. Yerzhanov united various moods by creating a totally fresh interpretation.
Freie Presse, Chemnitz

Yerzhanov demonstrated the highest level of skill, best traditions of romantic pianism, real spirituality, subtlety and poetry. The individuality of the performer was shown particularly in his performances of Schumann and Brahms and in his stupendous encore, his skill in miniatures was close to perfection.
New Musical Newspaper, Almaty

In his performance of Beethoven's Concerto Opus 19, Yerzhanov was irreproachably precise in tempos and dynamic nuances. His performance was attractive for its elegance and sincere rapture.
Vechernaya Samara, Samara

In the first round Temirzhan Yerzhanov attracted the jury's attention with his performance of Gesange der Fruhe. In the second round his interpretation of Davidsbunlertanze was original and artistically complete. Finally, he distinguished himself with Schumann's Piano Concerto.
Musikalnaya Zhizn, Moscow

Only a few pianists are capable of being "at one" with a singer, to be creator and artist. As an example to others - brilliant Temirzhan Yerzhanov.
Musikalnaya Zhizn, Moscow

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